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Embodied Architecture: PROXIMITIES is a performance and installation exploring the relationships between spatial proximity, density and affect.


A choreographed exploration by 57 performers within the gallery who engage with compositional opposites—near/far, proximal/distant, connected/disconnected—and the states in between creating a shifting, evolving and immersive environment for visitors.  Performers become walls, corridors and rooms, reframing our interactions with and perceptions of shared space.  The performance is accompanied by a multi-channel sound installation that runs in 7-minute intervals.  

EXHIBITION 08.11.16 - 13.11.16
Following the opening night, footage from the performance and subsequent recording was assembled into a multi channel projection for exhibition onto the same the walls, floor and ceiling of the gallery performance. The 7 video minute loop creates an immersive re-enactment of the performance as it was experienced on opening night, while framing heightened moments of connection between the performer, observer and environment.  The relationship of the live performance to the screen-based installation evokes the frequent use of technology as the primary source of human connection in contemporary society.  The interviews exhibited in the corridor adjacent to the Aronson Gallery communicate the vast array of emotion and unique personal experience embodied by cast and guests of the performance.


Embodied Architecture: Proximities is a collaboration between Yuliya Savelyeva & Lindsey Dieter, made possible by the Sheila Johnson Design Center & Aronson Gallery in New York.

Choreography: Lindsey Dieter, Yuliya Savelyeva and Amy Gardner
Sound: Zachary Barr
Video Director: Mac Roy 

Performers: Abby Walsh, Amanda Morell, Andres Domit, Ayaka Tokynaga, Brendan Gosse, Chris Makens, De'Ja Rob, Elysia Belilove, Emily Nantellier, Eugene Zakapaylo, Felipe Arellano, Francesca Genovese, Frank Dautant,  Golsana  Heshmati, Hannah Zhu, Haruka Honnaki, Hayley Rieter, Ilectra Vassos, Jack Dinning, Jillian Blakey, Juan Acosta, Ketryna Fares, LeeAnne Shaffer, Lia Parolari, Lisa Ferrante, Mari Myksvoll, Maria Dautant, Mary Carney, Maya Chang, Miguel Dautant, Mika Yanagihara, Miso Samara, Naemeh Shirazi, Paige Butz, Patricia Gordon, Rebecca Romani, Sarah Chin, Sasha Chen, Shari Rossenblatt, Sharon Houlihan, Sheyenne Semaan, Sierra Fisher, Stefanie Foster, Taylor Green, Tripti Sahnt, Trynity Marchat.